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Worley Family 11/20/2016Dayton, OH
Coy Family 11/09/2016Springboro, OH
Fluty Family 11/08/2016Springboro, OH
Placke Family 11/08/2016Cincinnati, OH
2016 Atrium Preschool Pictures 11/08/2016Middletown, OH
Ary Engagement Session 11/07/2016Xenia, OH
Dyas Family 11/06/2016Germantown, OH
Dyas Family 11/06/2016Germantown, OH
Long Christmas 11/06/2016Franklin, OH
Todd Family 11/06/2016Cincinnati, OH
Zachary Sr. Pictures 11/06/2016Cininnati, OH
Bowen Family 11/02/2016Morrow, OH
David's Sr. Pictures 11/02/2016Miamisburg, OH
Bella 11/01/2016Miamisburg, OH
William Sr. Pictures 11/01/2016Kettering, OH
Alex & Allyssa Engagement 10/30/2016Kettering, OH
Woodward Sr. Pictures 10/30/2016Cincinnati, OH
Windsor 3 Months 10/26/2016Carlisle, OH
Angel Family 10/25/2016Cincinnati, OH
Maddie Portraits 10/25/2016Germantown, OH
Taylor & Samanthe Engagement 10/23/2016Huber Heights, OH
2016 Edgewood Preschool Portraits 10/20/2016Trenton, OH
Sarah & Kristin Newborn 10/19/2016Loveland, OH
2016 Countryside Preschool Pictures 10/18/2016Lebanon, OH
Jeff & Jenn Engagement 10/16/2016Dayton, OH
Tony & Megan Maternity 10/16/2016Centerville, OH
Trisha Maternity 10/16/2016Huber Heights, OH
Jason & Emily Wedding 10/15/2016Piqua, OH
Morton Family 10/13/2016Miamisburg, OH
Bunger Sisters 10/11/2016Huber Heights, OH
2016 Coffman Fall Preschool 10/11/2016Springboro, OH
McCoy Family 10/10/2016Cincinnati, OH
Cooper Family 10/09/2016Cincinnati, OH
Harmeling Family 10/09/2016Centerville, OH
Jessica Family 10/09/2016Lebanon, OH
Chris & Kari Wedding 10/08/2016Dayton, OH
Haskins Family 10/07/2016Centerville, OH
Seaborn Family 10/06/2016Miamisburg, OH
Jade Engagement 10/03/2016Miamisburg, OH
2016 Bright Beginnings Preschool 10/03/2016Springboro, OH
Hawkins Family 10/02/2016Miamisburg, OH
Stearns Sr. Pictures 10/02/2016Tipp City, OH
Onam & Victoria 10/01/2016Mt. Healthy, OH
Jeffrey Sr. Pictures 09/27/2016Yellow Springs, OH
Ben & Lauren Engagement 09/25/2016Yellow Springs, OH
McIntire Family 09/25/2016Miamisburg, OH
Wells Family 09/25/2016Delaware, OH
Eddy Family 09/24/2016Miamisburg, OH
Ben & Lindsey Wedding 09/23/2016Grove City, OH
Jenna Sr. Pictures 09/21/2016Miamisburg, OH
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